Gobi Smacked

This is where we could get the hump…

Did you know that the Gobi Dessert spans 1000KM by 2400KM and is almost a mile in the air ( i.e. above sea level)? Well you do now, if it comes up in a pub quiz then thank us later.

We were met at Choyr Station as planned, well we were obviously late but our guides were there. Always a worry about a no show, then what? Need to work on this worrying thing.

Anyway, we get picked up and we’re on our way to a 4 day camel 🐫 trek through a little bit of the Gobi Dessert. It was around a 2 hour drive to our camp where we are shown to our room for the night, a Tentipi in the middle of nowhere but with all the amenities you could ask for; toilet tent, shower tent, kitchen tent, and restaurant tent. Spot of lunch then a walk to introduce us to the Gobi. It’s roomy, no trouble swinging a camel.

Talking of camels, there weren’t any but we didn’t say anything. It started raining, we had dinner, still raining, went to bed. Ahh that felt good. Mental note to selves, drink less tea before bed. Going to the toilet that’s 100M away in the dark ain’t funny in the cold blustery rain.

Morning, great sleep, 5:15. Still raining but there are camels. Another Gobi Miracle.

Had breakfast, stopped raining, felt great.

Meet Elvis:

Thank you very much

The camels, we have 2 (Elvis’s mate yet to be named) are to transport our stuff as we do a 3 day trek. Smashing idea. 

Time to let the photos take over:

OK, we’ve taken a liking to Elvis
“What’s for dinner Sugarbat?”
“If I stay really still the bugger won’t see me”
“Bugger off”
“You were supposed to hide the van”
Then we move on in the morning


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