Ibex you won’t believe this

We went hunting today. We packed up the camel cart, brought the back-up camel (you never know) and off we went with our Nomadic guide,  Gambaa, and our host guide, Sugarbat, to find us a sheep. Not just any sheep either, it’s the Mongolian Argali Sheep. Currently on the endangered list as there are only around 300 in the Gobi, the same Gobi I described as being 1000km by 2400km. We felt our chances were slim.

Our doubts appeared to be gaining some weight as we had been going for 4 hours without even a sniff of these rare and lovely animals. Big buggers to, at around 1.2M in height.

But wait, shhhh, get down! We shimmied around some rocks and stared at some more rocks. “There, look” they said “?” We gestured. 

But then we saw it, not the regal Mongolian Argali Sheep, but 2 Siberian Ibexes. I had them in my site and BOOM, take a look at this picture. A tögrög to whoever spots it first:

“I think they saw us”

Us triumphant and our guides relieved we started heading back. BUT no, shhhhh, shimmy shimmy shimmy, look at the rocks, “eh?”. There as clear as day, well as clear as a spot on the horizon, there it was. The Mongolian Argali Sheep.

You know the drill:

“Oi, up here”

Then to top it all off we saw a vulture nest with a baby vulture in:


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