Red Rock Beer

For our last night at this ger camp we got to ride the camels in the evening after tea as the sun was setting. Elvis was as amicable as ever so made for a pleasant and interesting interlude:

Photo bomb on a camel, result

It’s morning and it was time to leave our ger camp and trek about 12KM to the luxury of the Red Rock Ger Camp. It was nice as we all went and made the trek together. Group photo called for before we embark on this last leg of the Gobi Dessert experience:

From left: Bumaa, “Big” Amka, Rachel, Gambaa, Saraa, Sugarbat, Alex

Nice little trek with a spot of lunch on the way, Nomadic Journeys style:

How civilised

it should be mentioned at this point that Saraa, our chef, did an amazing job with the food over the 4 days. Cooked breakfast and 3 course lunch and dinners, and all done from a tent or ger. Smashing.

We reached Red Rock and it feels like the real oasis in the dessert, it even has a shower ger. Our itinerary for the rest of our stay:

Just be!

We can do that, we are champion beers.

So wine in hand sat out side our ger we watched the sun set behind us as the moon rose in front of us at the same time,


Sunset behind us
Us in the middle
Watching the moon rise


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