Yakety Yak, Yakety Yak

We’re now heading north to the other Nomadic Journey’s luxury ger camp, Jalman Meadows, to recover from our park bench experience.

Double bed, ahhhh, shower ger, ahhhh, and to top it off a massage ger, double ahhhh.

Our double ger

Very homely 😁

Shower ger, we’ve arrived

Nicely nestled  in a hilly area of the Steppe it’s an area where the Nomads take their livestock over the winter months to get protection from the worst of the unimaginably cold winds so during the summer months it is left to grow so you get all the flowers popping up among the grasses. Bloody lovely.

Location, location, location

They have decent mountain bikes as well so we went for a ride on one morning. 

Mountain biking in Outer Mongolia ✅.

Well rested we’re now off for a 4 day yak trek.

Yaks are magnificent looking beasts:

Considering their size they’re very skittish which was surprising.

And we’re off on a chilly cloudy afternoon. As it was a little chilly the guys decided to pack us a ger rather than a tent, nice touch. Up in no time just before it started raining.

It turns out it was a magic ger as we went to sleep to the cold pitter patter of rain and woke up to a warm cloudless morning:

In the 4 days of trekking the only people we came across were our new friends from UB on their riding trip:

They say that in Mongolia you can get 4 seasons in a day. On one of our days we saw 2 seasons; summer and winter. The day started a little cloudy which was great weather for walking but by the end of the trek it was starting to rain and cold wind dropped the temperature dramatically. We couldn’t get in bed quick enough but we felt we needed nose cosies and there was concerns we would get frost bite of the ear lobes if our heads were outside the blankets too long and despite several attempts we couldn’t see our breath which was weird in these arctic temperatures. We survived the night though and it was sunny again in the morning.

Alex just before hypothermia set in

We asked the horseman what the temperature dropped to and he confirmed it was 15 degreesC. We’ve been out the UK too long…

We’ll shut up now and just show the photos, amazing:

From Left: Our driver, Zoloo, Ulaka, Sugarbat, Rachel, Esui, and Tulgaa tending the stove

Our last night in Mongolia, what an amazing time


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