Ulan-Ude, ah ha (to be sung to Voulez-Vous tune in an Alan Partidge stylie)

So the train has taken us slowly out of Mongolia and into Russia, first stop Ulan-Ude.

We came in on the Train #005, which was surprisingly quiet, the earplugs we invested in appear to have been a waste of money, though we may need them to ignore each other at some point in the future…

The first thing of note is the mix of Asian Russian and Euro Russian people, which makes sense if you think about it. Like the terrain there is not a step change when you cross a border. But we hadn’t, thought about it that is.

We liked Ulan-Ude, the people were friendly enough and there is enough English spoken to get by. It appears that some Russians think the British are “cool”. That’s handy.

So of course there is a British pub, Churchill’s, that has it’s own beers. We would recommend the IPA.

If you want to avoid the cultural differences…
The Brits are in town

And we can get fish. Mongolia is a bit of a meat fest so having fish and vegetables was smashing. The food was good and they have a pedestrianised shopping area which was nice to walk through. This is a chilled place and we like it.

Oh, and it boasts the largest Lenin bust in Russia:

Big Head

Some of the original wooden buildings are still standing which was an interesting mix of architecture:


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