Novosibirsk Skies

It’s the longest single train ride we have on our Trans Siberian journey, Irkutsk to Novosibirsk, and we’re still not bored of it. It’s quite therapeutic really, just us on a train with the only aim of amusing ourselves and quiet contemplation.

One thing that has been developing over these train journeys is our snack bag. We have a fear of going hungry as neither of us are particularly patient nor pleasant when food suppression arises. Time to check inventory:

From the start we have been interested to see how the landscape changes as we move from Asia to Europe and as we approached the capital of Siberia we see a bigger change with far more high rise buildings. As the taxi took us the couple of kilometres to our hotel it felt quite relaxed with a lot of cafes and coffee bars, and there are a lot of coffee bars, thankfully none of the corporate coffee places you see on every corner in most cities we’ve been to. The golden arches have stretched out their tentacles to this part of Siberia though.

So this stop is about walking around the city, doing the touristy thing and finding some good places to eat. Photo time:

Here’s our Lenin, with the Opera House in the background. 

The Chapel Of St Nicholas nestled in the middle of the main thoroughfare.

The above is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

And a painting of the cathedral from 1910

We then went to the State Art museum where we couldn’t take any photos and then we had intended to go to the NK Rerick Museum and the CCCP Museum but the heavens opened and we got soaked. Oh well, we still have tomorrow.

So after a bit of breakfast and with semi blue skies we’re off to the CCCP Museum, our chance to see some soviet history and finally see inside one of these lovely old wooden buildings:

USSR soles, the CCCP Museum is shut on Sundays

Would you credit it, shut on Sundays and one of us didn’t check the book for opening times beforehand 😡

We wanted to see the monument to The Laboratory Mouse that can be seen knitting DNA strands but it was too far out of the city.

It commemorates the sacrifice of the mice in genetic research used to understand biological and physiological mechanisms for developing new drugs and curing of diseases. It sounds like they had the choice.

We liked Novosibirsk, again the people were friendly and we felt safe. Food options are diverse and we never had a disappointing experience, except of our own making. There are plenty of good reasons to take a walk to see stuff as well.

Yeah, glad we did it.

Paintings of the train station back in 1960.


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