Standing Tall Inn Estonia

OK so we are well off the Trans Siberian route now but we are continuing our travels so will continue our blog for our 4 followers 😂

Our next stop is Tallinn to meet up with our friends Thomas and Sue who will be traveling with us through Estonia and Latvia. Lucky for us and thanks to Thomas and Sue they have made the arrangements. Places to stay, car hired, places to go, sorted. Great 👌

So it starts with a couple of days in Tallinn. Estonia declared independence in 1918 so they will consider themselves 100 years old next year. It seems like we’re doing this trip a year too early. If we went next year we could have caught the football World Cup, Rachel’s gutted, and had a massive party here in Tallinn. Oh well. This independence is marked by a glass cross. The idea of the monument was conceived back in 1919 but the wars and soviet era delayed it considerably, it only went up in 2005.

So a wander around the Old Town,where we’re staying, on our first evening and the next day:

Next we pick up the car and off to Võsu for some country life and a bit of walking as they have some good parks in this area.

It is here that we learned of erratic rocks. Here is Rachel pointing out an erratic rock:

What makes them erratic? Well they have no right being there. They are lumps of granit stone that are foreign to this area so obviously aliens picked up the rocks from elsewhere and dropped them here. Either that or the rocks were frozen in ice after a vulcanic eruption and said ice later floated to Estonia and subsequently melted depositing the rocks randomly. Either or, you decide.

So further walking to take in the splendid views and see not only the largest erratic rock in Estonia, already shown above, but also the largest collection of erratic rocks in Estonia. Walk on:

Another place of note while we were traveling around this area was Viinistu. It’s as art museum with a hotel and restaurant over looking the Gulf of Finland. It was started up by the guy that managed Abba, he was bjorn here apparently. Had a lovely lunch there.

We also went beaver spotting on a beaver trail but had no luck with that one.

Last stop in Estonia; the fishing village of Altja. Charming little spot:

Unfortunately our time in Estonia is over.

Right, which way to Latvia?


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