Polskard from Toruń

Back on the train now, feels good. 4 hour hop to the north to visit Toruń. Advised by Lonely Planet to stop here as it managed to avoid the attentions of the aerial assaults of the war.
It is indeed a beautiful city, fortified by the Teutonic Knights and examples of architecture from several centuries it was a great place to be. No tour here so up the tower of the Old Town Hall for a bird’s eye view:

There is also the Toruń Museum housed within the Old Town Hall so we took a little look around that to:

We were staying in a great place on the main square so then it was about getting out there and seeing what we wanted to see. First stop the gingerbread museum, where we made our own biscuits. Toruń is famous for it’s pierniki toruńskie so you have to don’t you? Anyway, we enjoyed it:

Next stop Copernicus’ House. Well we would have gone in had it not been closed for refurbishment 5 days before and not due to open again until June next year. Should have known, it was in the stars…

Then it was just about meandering the streets and enjoying the place:

We enjoyed Toruń so glad we listened to Lonely Planet.

Oh, one last thing about this donkey: he looks quite innocent but he was put in the place of what was known as The Donkey made of wood and used to strap the convicted to for public flogging. 


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