Polskard From Warsaw

Our travels continue south and the hope that the weather will warm up. It doesn’t, and we have rain in Warsaw. This coupled with irritating wasps tells us we are getting ever closer to the UK. What is the point of wasps?

Anyway, we’re only here for a couple of days so we dive straight in with the Free Tour. Actually it was a different group this time, we used the Orange Umbrella Tour, same concept but just a bit of healthy competition to the yellow umbrellas of the Free Tour.

It’s a tour of Old Town:

It should be noted that every building pictured above, except the stadium of course, are not the originals but reconstructed from photos and building plans as the Old Town was razed to the ground in the WW2 blitzkrieg, as seen below:

We also saw the monument to the Warsaw Uprisings:

Our historian host, and other Poles we were lead to believe, are not particularly happy with this monument that was designed and erected in the Soviet aftermath of the 2nd World War. The first issue is that the child is so young. The Warsawians did not allow children that young to fight in the Uprisings. The 2nd issue is the gun the child is carrying. Decent weaponry was so scarce that the more sophisticated weapons would have been in the hands of trained soldiers, not children. 

The question as to why there was even an uprising at all was interesting. Why would the underground freedom fighters and residents of Warsaw rise up against the Germans with little hope of overthrowing them when they knew the Russians and the end of the war were close? The answer given was the fact that having only just gained independence less than 30 years before they didn’t want to get pulled back into the Soviet communist regime, they wanted to retain their independence. If they only knew…


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