Polskard From Gdansk 

Back on the train now to continue up north to Gdansk.

We arrived on a drizzly evening, we woke up to a drizzly morning. Food will cheer us up, it did. As we have an apartment our first stop is the Old Market. A beautifully restored building full of lovely food, what’s not to love?

Drizzle due to stop at 3:00 and we have what has become the habitual Free Walking Tour at 3:30. Let’s do this:

So it appears this 1918 date that we keep coming across when learning of the Baltic country’s independence is no coincidence. It was due to the end of the 1st World War and subsequent Treaty Of Versailles that was created in the wake of the war. In the treaty Gdanks actually became an independent state.

We later went to the World War 2 museum that only opened this year and was built on the Westerplatte military transit depot site that took the first German assault which broke the Treaty Of Versailles and marked the start of the 2nd World War for Europe, 1st September 1939.

It’s a very engaging museum that leads you through that horrible piece of history. Certainly much better than most history books I’m sure.

Lastly it was to the The Old Town Hall to see the Red Room and get a bird’s eye view of this city:


Well that was a good history lesson and some amazing architecture. 

What’s next? A drink:

It’s Goldwasser, Goldwater. The local tipple.

Right, time to move on.


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