Kölnial Wedding

The only important date to hit on our travels; Thomas & Sue’s Wedding and Sue’s birthday. So here we are in Cologne. We broke free of the land travel as it was 4 trains and great expense by land. We still struggle with this one, how can it be cheaper to fly? It makes no sense. 

Anyway, we’re here 😃

Our first excursion was out on the bikes. We were led through the streets of Cologne to a lovely brunch, how civilised. We obviously look like we need feeding, 🤔, possibly not, something to keep the skin taught maybe 😆

Better try and ride it off, a cycle along the Rhine:

Ma & Pa K had also arranged to meet us as it was Ma’s birthday the day before the wedding. Time to do some sightseeing. We decided to go and see the Dom which is currently under some extensive renovation but the interior is impressive:

Then it was the big day, well big weekend as it was a 2 day celebration. The wedding was a lovely affair, held in The Wolkenberg so perfect surroundings for the special day.

We met some lovely people but the day did fly by and you can’t help but feel you could have had more time to get to know them better. Luckily we had Sunday afternoon to spend some more time which was great. Thomas and Sue have great family and friends so we really appreciated being part of it.


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