Napolian Exploration

Right Germany’s great but it’s getting cold so we decide to chase the sunshine. Managed to find cheap flights on Easy Jet to Naples, result.

I know we say this often but what a difference a short flight makes. The sky is blue without a cloud in view and the architecture is completely different. 

Right, let’s get amongst it, first stop Napoli Duomo:

Then a little wonder through the Old Town:

That’s Pulcinella in his mask in the last photo if you were wondering. 

One of the highlights of Napoli for us was the Museo Cappella Sansevero. It was a private chapel that Prince Raimondo di Sangro, of Sansevero had built and ordered the statues to be created by an amazing artist, Giuseppe Sanmartino. The sculpture of the Veiled Crist, and indeed several other sculptures in the chapel, have breath taking detail. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photos so you will have to click on the link, Google it, or go there to see them and the chapel. It is truely amazing.

Next day and we do a subterranean tour of Napoli in the morning. It turns out that Napoli has continually built on itself. The tunnels origally created due to the excavation of stone for building housing and fortifications then using the tunnels to channel water to wells above ground for both private and public water supplies as Napoli grew. The Greeks and Romans adding to the levels of this city. They actually only unearthed a roman theatre thought to be bigger than the one in Pompeii within the last decade, all below and part of the existing buildings lived in today. Amazing to see, no decent photos though.

In the afternoon a wander down to the Bay Of Naples:

We then did a little guided tour of the Teatro di San Carlo. It’s the oldest continually active venue for opera in the world. Another fact for the pub quiz. It doesn’t look all that from the outside but it is beautifully maintained inside. Could this be the only time we get to go in the royal box?

Last stops before we leave Napoli. The recovered ancient Roman towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii that were destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

We got the train from Naples to Herculaneum first, a smaller excavation than Pompeii:

Then back on the train for the big one, Pompeii:

Right, I think we’ve earned a pizza…


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