A Mouthy Brit

Time for some beach action so we head south to the Amalfi Coast. Back on the train from Napoli to Salerno then a bus to Amalfi Town. It’s a beautiful place: 

We’re only here for a couple of days so we settle in and spend our first day with a bit of exploration so we decided to go up into the hills and visit a place called Rovello. Now, the plan was to walk there, we have an Italian SIM so we have GPS, what could go wrong? Turns out; everything. There is a maze of staircases linking all these houses as they climb into the hills and due to mountainous terrain and thick walled buildings the GPS jumps all over the place. Got lost 3 times. Bugger it, let’s get the bus. 

Need a rest after that. A day at the beach, we’ll spare you those photos…

Time to move on. We follow the Amalfi Coast east to Positano. Recommended by a friend we thought we should take a look. It is indeed a beautiful place. We were also advised to go kayaking, so we did. Turns out it’s far nicer than horse riding:

We had a great place higher up the mountain so some great views of the town as we walked in:

Positano is a great place. Amalfi felt like it was a sleepy fishing town that has slowly developed into a beautiful tourist destination where as Positano saw how Amalfi had developed, spotted the opportunity, and expanded on what Amalfi had done. Might be wrong, just seems that way. Either way, they are both amazing places.

Time to catch the bus:

Next stop; Sorrento.

We had no idea what to expect at Sorrento. It’s a larger town on the Bay Of Napoli. It’s no where near as bustling as Napoli but certainly not as quaint as the Amalfi Coast but a lot more touristy. This place is certainly on the map at the travel agents. English pubs and fish and chips are evident. It appears that the thing to do is stay in Sorrento as a base and take day trips to the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Napoli.

We take a wander:

We liked Sorrento, had our best Italian food there.

So we did some more walking, looks like Christmas is coming:

We follow the path of least resistance and take the boat back to Napoli. It’s time to leave Italy unfortunately.

Time for one last pizza before we go.


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