Time to Tours

Car is now the transport of choice to get us across France. Next stop Tours but on the way we stop off at Escale à Blaye, the Citadel of Blaye:

When we arrived in Tours we checked into Le Castel Fleuri, a guest house owned by Pascal and Zoya.. The only reason we mention this is because they made our stay in Tours as they could not do enough to guide us to the best places to go and best way to get there.

So a new day and a new adventure, we’re off to Chinon for a bit of french medieval  history. The Templars hung about around here somewhere apparently and the English (Henry II) owned the castle back in the 12th century:

Well you have to try the wine, it’s the Loire Valley for gawd’s sake.

We also had a little detour on our way back to Tour to see the Château d’Ussé. Now they reckon this was the basis of Disney’s castle. Thought it was a gaff in Germany but there you go:

Another day and another château. Not just any château; it’s the Château de Chambord. It’s an incredible build and grounds so we’re very glad we visited there. The helical staircase was very impressive but photos could not do it justice:

We also visited Clos Lucé in the afternoon where Leonardo Da Vinci spent his last days as a guest of King Francis I. Some interesting mock ups of some of his inventions but a bit of a tourist trap. Well you have to see for yourself sometimes.


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