Vive La France, vive le vin. There was claret everywhere.

We felt the need to cheat again, took the more direct route by plane to hop over the Tyrrhenian sea to Southern France. Bordeaux to be more precise.

We went for a wander. They started pedestrianising the historic part of the city back in 76 but then did a refurb that was finished in 2003. It’s such a lovely area with the architecture:

When we think France we think…

Wine, a visit to Saint-Émilion:

And Cheese, a visit to a cheese shop:

Oh thank you Bordeaux.

Right, we need to walk this off, next stop is the original customs house IMG_5139

That was well worth a visit to learn about the introduction of taxes and the power that installed in the company it was outsourced to. Who knew government outsourcing was prevalent in the 18th century.

Some interesting items that have been seized over the years and some impressive paintings, including a Monet no less.

Now before we go one last look around Place de la Bourse, the mirror is impressive:


Except when they’ve forgotten to turn the water on…


That’s better, now with blue sky.


It’s lucky we were staying close..

Good bye Bordeaux, we’re glad we met.


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